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243 AI
260 AI Defiance Action
260 AI
260 AI Carbon Fiber Barrel
300 Win Mag
260 AI
300 Norma Mag
Hunting Rifles

Your hunting experience is not the same as everyone else's so why should your rifle be?

Building a custom rifle gives you the most options for creating a gun that fits you.  Stock styles, barrel contours and calibers are not one size fits all.  MGSS specializes in building the highest quality, professional grade precision rifles.  We will guide you through all the details of those options to complete YOUR rifle. From the caliber to the finished product you will have something to be proud to own and an heirloom to pass on to your children, grandchildren or loved ones.  

MGSS can build your custom rifle in a variety of configurations.  Let our staff assist you in determining the best set up for your next hunt, competition or family range day.

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