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Long Range Rifles

MGSS has had the pleasure of working directly with the designer of the .338 Norma Magnum and .300 Norma Magnum cartridges.  From the beginning we have worked hand in hand to develop the optimal platform for these cartridges to achieve the utmost performance and accuracy.  With this experience we have seen first hand the capabilities of these remarkable calibers.  
Mike was the first person to have a successful hunt with the .338 Norma Magnum taking a Colorado Bull Elk at 707 yards and a Mule Deer at over 1200 yards, both with first round kills. Since that time the introduction of new components and load development has only improved the performance of the .338 Norma Mag.  Individuals reporting back on performance of our .338 Norma Magnum MGSS rifles have experienced sub .5 MOA accuracy in field conditions, resulting in many successful hunts and many targets hit at distances 1500 yards and further.  Off the bench shooters have reported groups of sub .3 MOA out to 1200 yards.       

With the release of these cartridges and availability of components to the general public we have had great success with our rifles.  We offer our rifles in several configurations.  Suppressed models are also available.

Contact us for more details on building your MGSS long range precision rifle.

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